Razor Clam Sighting in Socal

I love razor clams. I would always eat them whenever I see them at a restaurant in Europe or in the Pacific Northwest. I had never seen them available in Los Angeles or Southern California before, so imagine my surprise when I found them at a local Korean supermarket.

I’d never prepared them myself before either. But turns out they are not too hard to cook well, not much harder than any other clam, except for their brittle shells and some optional waste material to remove. If you are opening up the clams to serve on one shell, then the meat needs to be detached from the other shell, and then the shell snipped away with scissors or a blade. I did not go the extra step to clean the waste from each clam individually before cooking, so it’s just a matter of avoiding those parts while eating them.

They’re so yum! They taste like hard-shelled clams, but sweeter and less fishy, with slightly different texture. I just pan fried them with butter, parsley, and garlic. Ezpz.

Lively razor clams