DIY Speakers #2

Making your own speakers may not be the most cost effective project, especially if you don’t have the raw materials and tools lying around already, but it can be a pretty satisfying project.

For this set of speakers, I decided on the standard rectangular bookshelf form. I opted for full-range drivers from so that I didn’t need to fuss with crossover components inside the cabinet, and I wasn’t keen on attaching a subwoofer to the set anyway. This kept the cost lower and the project simpler.

For the walls of the cabinet, I used 3/4″ thick birch plywood for the frame walls, and 1/2″ plywood for the front and back panels—really thick plywoods made for some tedious hand sawing.


I opted for a vented design with 1″ x 4″ port tubes, so the inner walls just needed some acoustic foam and did not need polyfill.


Primer paint before the color
Banana plugs and bare wire acceptable
Reflective acrylic sheet cut with hand saw
Test Drive