EL Wire Neon Sign

EL Wire is a flexible electroluminescent wire that glows when an electric charge runs through it, kind of like a permanent glow stick. The light is not super bright like true neons, but it’s still a pretty cool product to make all kinds of small projects.

I got my wire and power supplies from The rest are common black electrical tape, nails, black heatshrink, etc.

I nailed some nails on a piece of black-painted plywood to frame the shapes for the wire. Then I wrapped the wires around them and masked the inactive parts of the wire with black heatshrink. The ends of the wire shapes are threaded through holes in the board and then wired up to a power driver that then hook up to a power adapter.

The only real negative I have about EL wire is that the drivers tend to make a hissing sound because of the audible frequency they operate at. So if the project is to be turned on for any lengths of time, it would be better to keep them away from ears.