My Smart-ish Home

One of the more involved projects I’ve done lately was to design my own basic smart home controller. A custom mobile app (in the image of BMO) communicates with a controller device that contains an Arduino microcontroller and various sensors/modules. The controller controls lights in the house that are connected to wireless outlets via RF signal. The app can also bring up the live feeds from security cameras in the house.

For me this was a fun and challenging project. It’s not necessarily complete, because there’s always more I can do to add more features, but it was an intense learning exercise more than anything. I never studied electricals or hardware, so this entire subject was pretty new to me. I spent countless hours researching, experimenting, and dissecting component specs. It’s very stimulating and the satisfaction from getting a completed product that went from messy breadboard prototype to design to production is quite something.

Breadboard prototyping
Final circuit board